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Product Description
Hypothermia is among the most common reasons for anaesthetic complications. Body heat is lost during;
  • Preparation of the surgical site.
  • Contact with cool surfaces (surgical table)
  • Inhalation of dry anesthetic gases
  • Evaporation from the airways
  • Evaporation from the surgical field

Forced warm air heating systems are the most effective way to maintain patient temperatures during surgery. Forced air systems are also particularly useful in cooling hyperthermic patients too when set to deliver unheated ambient air.

  • Our disposable convective air blankets are specifically for veterinary use and are designed to put more of the blanket in touch with the patient to prevent hypothermia
  • Their unique funnel hose connection allows them to be tied onto a blower hose of any diameter
  • Available in varying tube and blanket sizes, also available as set of 5 (one of each size)
  • Can be used with Mistral-Air Warm Air Unit

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Excellent Quality
Meril sutures are excellent quality, and we would happily switch from our go to brand which is Ethicon! The packaging is like for like which makes switching simple. You don’t have to worry about different codes or pack colours. The sutures have reduced memory when you remove them from their packaging, so we’re delighted with this as it makes handling easier. Meril sutures are the way forward and one that we’ll be stocking from now on.”
Very Impressed
We trialled some Meril suture materials for a two week period and were very impressed overall. The Filapron (monocryl equivalent) and Mitsu (vicryl equivalent) both handle well and provide good knot security. The needles cut easily through tissue and are impressively resilient when bent, allowing re-bending to their original shape without snapping. I now happily use them on a regular basis.