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Closed Urine Collection Sets 2 litre set

Product Code: M286

Pack Size: 1

Urine Collection Set


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Product Description
Sterile, single-use urine collection sets with graduated volume markings and a one-way anti-reflux valve at bag inlet. 750ml Set:
  • Luer connected urine drainage set with T port push/pull type emptying site.
  • Lightweight tangle-resistant tubing is ideal for cats.
  • Designed to hang from the bottom of the patients kennel door.
  • In-line luer connection allows full set to be primed before use and providesan easy access point for regular flushing or sampling.
  • Integral C-clamp for use when flushing distal tubing.
  • Attaches to standard female luer connectors for ease of connection.
  • Standard extension included in the pack for use on viscous fluid, draining at higher rates or to give additional length for larger patients and kennels.
  • 180/210cm in length. 2 litre Set:
  • Includes 2,000 ml collection bag, T port emptying outlet at bottom.
  • In-line luer connection near foley connector allows easy patient disconnection from bag and allows extensions to be added to suit kennel size.
  • In-line luer allows connection directly to Foley catheters via 'Christmas tree' foley connector and Standard catheters via a Male luer lock extension.
  • 190cm in length.

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