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When you sign up for our Platinum Partners Rewards you'll gain instant access to an enhanced account with extra benefits and support. We update your account giving you FREE CPD in Woundcare, Infection Control and more. Extra resources such as guides, info sheets, charts, and Practice SOPs . The opportunity to try and test new products coming into the market before anyone else, as well as exclusive offers on the products you love. You'll also earn an uncapped credit rebate every time you order with Pioneer - the more you spend during the year with us, the more rebate credit you build up and with each increase in tiered spending, your benefits increase too!

Earn uncapped loyalty credit
by ordering as usual
Access to enhanced support
and learning resources
Exclusive offers
Access to Platinum Partners
exclusive offers

How Do I Get My Benefits?

When you join Platinum Partner Rewards, your account is automatically upgraded, meaning your benefits are ready and waiting for you. For access to extra resources, SOPs and documents, head over to the ' Resources' section of our website - you will see you now have access to a specialised category called 'Platinum Partner Rewards'. To access your FREE CPD, head over to our learning academy - Pioneer Vet Academy. Throughout the year, we will notify you about updates and special offers as part of your membership. From the very moment you join, you will be eligible for an uncapped credit rebate. Read below for more information.

How Does The Rebate Work?

Your cash rebate is calculated on your total annual spend each year. Any previous orders already placed for the year you join - will be included. At the end of the year, we add up your total spend for that year. We then calculate a cash rebate, based on a percentage (%) of your annual spend. Depending on how much you spend, will determine what percentage you get back. The rebate percentage increases as you hit a different tier threshold, so the more you spend, the bigger % back you will earn. There is no cap on the value you can earn either, meaning you could get a very lucrative sum to reinvest into your practice at the end of the year, and there is no cap on the value you can earn.

More Details - Terms & Conditions

Your rebate can be used to pay for an entire product or as a discount on a higher-value product, helping you to reinvest in your practice. Once your rebate has been calculated for the year, you will be able to spend it during January & February of the following year. Your rebate credit will only be valid on selected products, contained within a dedicated product category - which you will get access to when it's ready to spend (this does not include consumables). Your rebate credit will be available in form of a promotional code, located in your account area when ready. Your rebate credit excludes VAT and any carriage charges. You must spend the exact amount or more than your rebate credit for this to apply, and can only be used once - make it count. If you form part of a group of small practices, we can group all sites together and calculate a bigger rebate % and reward, making it more achievable to get your hands on some new equipment or any other product in the Platinum Partners product range. 

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