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Aviary Net

Product Code: P336-9

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Product Description
A safe way to handle a wide variety of birds, kittens and other small animals, this is a detachable pole with a fabric net attached to a padded hoop.
  • Lightweight but strong.
  • Padded hoop prevents injury to captured animal.
  • Available in 3 sizes. Made with top quality soft nylon taffeta and a pole handle, these nets are suitable for capturing birds including domestics (finches, canaries, budgies etc) in aviary flights or escapees in clinics. The size of hoop and net should be matched to the size of the species being caught. Once captured, the animal may be pressed against the wall or ground and limbs gathered and held against the body through the fabric net. A dark fabric colour is used to help induce a calming affect on the animal. Once the handler is sure of the position of the animal, the grip can be moved to underneath the net or alternatively, the animal isolated within the net and transferred safely to a basket. The net may be cleaned by steeping in your disinfectant of choice, rinsed and air dried.

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