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Opticlar VM3 LED Headlight on Sports Headband

Product Code: 500.010.020

Pack Size: 1


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Product Description

Brilliant 3W LED provides homogenous illumination on a comfortable sports headband.

  • Quality illumination and exceptional brightness approx. 60,000 lux
  • Exceptional colour temperature approx. 5,500-6,000k
  • Homogenous light spot providing edge to edge consistent illumination and optimal spot size
  • No need for replacement bulbs - eco-friendly and cost-effective
  • Lithium ion battery pack up to 12 hours of continuous use from full charge of battery
  • 2 hour quick recharge time
  • Orange filter included for dentistry or light sensitive patients
  • Compact dimensions of battery unit reduces belt weight and increases comfort
  • Adjustable rheostat promotes easy adjustment of illumination
  • Fully adjustable lightweight and comfortable sports headband
  • Attractive aluminium storage/ carry case
  • 5 year warranty

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