Opticlar LED Vet Laryngoscope Blades - Miller

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Product Code: P730-6

Pack Size: 1

Product Description
Sizes 00, 0 and 1 for exotics and small mammals. Sizes 2, 3 and 4 for felines, canines and other mammals. Ruminant blade for sheep and goats. For use with Opticlar scope handles . Opticlar Veterinary Laryngoscope System:
  • Specifically designed for veterinary use to overcome the traditional drawbacks of using laryngoscopes designed for human medicine.
  • LED handles provide superb illumination with no need for replacement bulbs and LED module is guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel, these fully autoclavable blades are guaranteed for 5 years
  • Wide range of blade sizes makes this suitable for small animals,large animals, exotics, sheep and goats.
  • Fibre Optic light transmission with no hot bulbs to blow or touch delicate sensitive tissue.
  • Unique VMag range includes a 3x swivelling lens providing excellent magnification and the ability to visualise the smallest of anatomicalstructures and smallest detail.
  • Can be used for many ear, nose and throat examinations, rectal examinations, vaginal examinations, soft tissue retraction aswell as routine intubation.

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