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Bird, Rodent and Rabbit Recovery Collars

Product Code: K439

Pack Size: 10


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Product Description
Ultra light construction designed specifically for rodents and birds Clear Lexan (birds) and polyethylene (rodents) materials won't impair peripheral vision Exclusive dual padded neckline Pack includes one of each of the sizes below Depth, Circumference, Breed Guide 1.5cm, 2.5 - 3cm, Mice 3cm, 5.5 - 7.5cm, Dwarf Hamster, Gerbil 4cm, 5.5 - 7.5cm, Hamster, Rat, Degu 5.5cm, 6 - 8.5cm, Large Rat, Degu 7cm, 10 - 13cm, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla 9cm, 14 - 18cm, Rabbit 4cm, 3 - 5cm, Very Small Birds, Baby Birds 6cm, 5 - 7cm, Parakeet, Lovebird, Budgerigar 8cm, 9 - 10cm, Yellow Macaw, Small Amazons 10cm, 11 - 14cm, Africa Grey, Cockatoo

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