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Octopus Double Extension Set with Bionector®

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Product Description

Octopus double extension set with Bionector®.

Multi-lumen extension sets maintain separate fluid pathways right up to the catheter hub, preventing the mixing of incompatible drugs with the extension set.

  • Biocompatible PUR tubing helps prevent the risk of drug loss which can occur with PVC tubing
  • Reduced catheter manipulation
  • Integrated Bionector needle free valve and clamps
  • Latex-free and DEHP-free
  • 1.5m ID - 2.5mm OD
  • 10cm long
  • Sold singly

About Bionector®:

Bionector® is a closed, needle-free I.V. access system, which minimises the risk of infection and eliminates the risk of needle-stick injury during I.V. access. Bionector® can be used for up to 7 days, or 360 accesses.

When the Bionector® is in place you can infuse, inject, sample blood and change I.V. tubing without opening the I.V. system, enhancing safety and sterility.

The system is ideal for veterinary use and allows easy, repeated I.V. connection and disconnection, however uncooperative the patient. Moves between theatres, together with those vital comfort breaks out in the yard become easier - simply clean the hub before and after each access.

Bionector® is available individually with a choice of application techniques and as an integral part of I.V. extension lines.


Advantages of using needle-free valves:

  • Reduces catheter site infections
  • Closed system minimises risk of infection
  • Eliminates the risk of needlestick injury
  • Allows easy repeated IV connection and disconnection

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Vets will not use any other T connector!
We have tried multiple T-connectors from various manufacturers, and these are by far the most reliable and sturdy. Our vets here refuse to use any other t-connectors.