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Skin Stapler

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Product Code: P144

Pack Size: 1


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Product Description
Fits comfortably in your hand for enhanced control. Ergonomic design gives you more area between the handle and the skin. This keeps the nose of the stapler parallel to the skin allowing proper staple formation, good tissue proximation, and less chance of the onset of edema. When edema occurs, tissue grows over the staple, making for difficult and painful staple extraction.
  • Open Nose Piece and Low Profile for clear view of staple placement.
  • Flexibility of movement.
  • Fully Retracting Anvil permits staple release while moving forward or backward unlike competitive models which require you to "back off" before moving forward.
  • Releases the staple when the handle is fully depressed.
  • Complete staple formation is confirmed by Audible and Tactile Feedback.
  • Visible counter. 35 staples. For single use only.

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Great stapler
Clean, really easy to hold and staple at same time. Good packaging, not wasteful. We like how it tells you how many staples are left.