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Debrisoft Debridement Pad

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Product Code: K087

Pack Size: 5

Lohmann & Rauscher

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Product Description
Rapid, effective, yet gentle wound debridement.
  • 100% Polyester monofilament pad
  • Gentle and highly effective debridement
  • Removes slough, debris and non-viable tissue from the wound bed
  • Viable granulation tissue and epithelial cells remain intact
  • Facilitates wound assessment
  • 10 x 10cm debridement pad
  • Debrisoft® is NOT a wound dressing - Do NOT cut
  • Unique action - 18 million specially angled fibres sweep and bind debris, slough and particles into the pad
  • Angled tips reach uneven areas of skin or wound bed
  • Pack of 5

How to use:

1. Remove Debrisoft® from the sterile packet wearing gloves

2. Moisten the Debrisoft® pad with saline or tap water (don't scrunch or wring, just allow to drip)

3. Always use the soft fleecy side against the wound bed (not the knitted reverse side)

4. Gently, with light pressure, use a circular motion to debride the wound bed for 2-8 minutes or as required

5. Dispose of in standard clinical waste

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Debrisoft Debridement Pad
"Clockhouse Veterinary Hospital. Used these on a large necrotic wound at the initial start of debriding, really helped to speed up the process and started encouraging granulating cells around the edge. Patient tolerated incredibly well and no sign of pain. Definitely use for cases again"
Debrisoft Debridement Pad
I used the debrisoft pad recently on a burns wound case. The wound had dried out considerably and was looking very dehydrated and unhealthy. I used the pad (pre-soaking it first as per instructions) and was able to lift all the dried out, unhealthy tissue and debris that was attached to the wound, leaving a really healthy looking wound bed. The dog healed amazingly quickly and was discharged after 2 days. This product is fantastic for debridement of wounds, I felt absolutely confident that it wasn't damaging the delicate granulation tissue and there's no doubt that it accelerated the dog's healing. These are definitely something I'll use for every wound case from now on