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Indermil Flexifuze Tissue Adhesive

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Product Description
INDERMIL® flexifuze Topical Tissue Adhesive is a sterile, liquid topical tissue adhesive composed of an Octyl blend cyanoacrylate formulation. This rapid-setting adhesive seals the skin in just 30 seconds* and will stay in place for 5-8 days, acting as a physical barrier to microbial penetration and the risk of infection.
  • Indicated for the closure of skin wounds, including laparoscopic incisions and trauma-induced lacerations and may be used in conjunction with deep dermal stitches.
  • Easy to use Includes flow control applicator with patented brush tip.
  • Cannula applicator Option to use the cannula applicator providing pin point accuracy.
  • Adhesive has a long working life (up to 20 minutes).
  • As flexible as skin.
  • Showerproof an hour after application.
  • No discolouration of wound site Dye free formulation.
  • Quick and less painful than suturing.
  • No discernible heat during application: No burning or stinging.
  • May eliminate the use of sharps and therefore reduces the risk of needle-stick injury.
  • 0.75g ampoule.
  • No need to refrigerate Adhesive can be stored at room temperature (4-30ËšC).
  • No need for the patient to come back for suture or staple removal.
  • Supplied in ready-to-use application vial.
  • Sold singly. Veterinary situations in which tissue adhesives have been used include:
  • Closure for small wounds, including after neutering
  • Microchipping wound closure in birds and reptiles
  • Dental and oral surgery
  • Wound reinforcement in addition to sutures, for larger wounds where tension may be present
  • Treatment of corneal lesions including ulcers
  • Anchoring feeding tubes, drains and cannula to skin. *30 seconds is a benchtop standard test used by TA manufacturers. Allow for 30 60 seconds drying time to ensure the adhesive is tack-free.

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