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Suprasorb® X+PHMB

Product Code: K056-99

Pack Size: 5

Lohmann & Rauscher

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Product Description
Suprasorb® X+PHMB is a unique wound dressing for contaminated or critically colonised wounds. It combines a antimicrobial effect with HydroBalance technology.
  • For use in light to moderately exuding wounds.
  • Indications include: pressure ulcers, partial thickness burns, skin donor and skin graft sites.
  • For use on contaminated, colonised or critically colonised wounds and wounds with heavy biofilm.
  • Regulates moisture levels to create and maintain a moist wound environment: absorbs exudate.
  • Cooling, soothing effect Safe and effective: selectively acts on bacteria without adversely affecting healthy cells.
  • Sold in packs of 5.

How It Works

This unique biocellulose dressing is able to absorb exudate and release moisture providing HydroBalance and optimum moist wound healing environment.

  • Surplus exudate is taken up from the wound into the dressing.
  • Moisture is released from the dressing into the wound.
  • Microorganisms are killed by the released PHMB

Suprasorb® X+PHMB enhances tissue health and hydrates the surrounding skin. Old epithelial cells will be rehydrated and may appear as white deposits, which should not be confused with maceration. These deposits can be easily removed. The dressing will discolour as it absorbs exudate, and should be changed before the discolouration has reached a distance of approximately 1cm within the edge of the dressing.

PHMB is an antimicrobial agent known aspolyhexamethylene biguanide or polyhexanide. It has a good biocompatibility index score meaning it is extremely effective, whilst having low toxicity.

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