Gojo Mild Foam Hand Wash and Dispenser - Touch Free (TFX)

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Product Code: M484-5

Pack Size: 1

Product Description

A mild foam handwash, which creates a rich, luxurious lather as is infused into the soap as it’s dispensed.

1200ml refills and dispenser can be bought separately.
  • TFX Touch free foam soap dispenser - no touching of the dispenser results in less contamination of the area, making the process more hygienic
  • SANITARY SEALED™ refill helps prevent contamination
  • Eco-friendly bottles made with SMART-FLEX Technology, featuring lightweight, recyclable PET materials, using 30% less material than rigid HDPE bottles. Removable pump for easier recycling
  • Large sight window for at-a-glance monitoring of sanitiser levels

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