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Surgifix Elastic Net Bandage

Product Code: K001-12

Pack Size: 1


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Product Description

Soft white elastic net bandage, knitted from polyester, polyamide and latex threads - a cool, comfortable, low-bulk bandage solution.

  • Can be stretched without shrinking or distorting and minimises tourniquet effect
  • Does not restrict patient movement
  • Ideal for dressing retention on awkward places and particularly useful for dressing retention in chronic wound treatment
  • The open breathable design facilitates monitoring of the wound site/device and ensures dressing is in place
  • Easy to apply and highly versatile to fit a broad range of indicators
  • Supplied in a cost effective 25 metre roll that can be cut to size


Surgifix SizeEstimated Species/Breed Suitability*
3Terriers/Toy Poodle
5Spaniel/French Bulldog/Border Collie
5.5Staffordshire Bull Terriers
7Bulldog/Basset Hound
9German Shepherd/Husky
10Newfoundland/Great Dane


*Please note, this is an estimate only, based on human body area suitability (see images for more info)

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