Blood Pressure Cuffs

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Product Code: M566-607

Pack Size: 1


Product Description
  • 100% leak tested for trust, value, and reliability
  • 100% latex-free materials promotes patient safety
  • Tapered end for easier cuff application.
  • Color-coded for quick size selection.
  • Interior & exterior range indicators ensure accurate cuff sizing and fit
  • Softer materials and rounded edges provide a gentle cuff solution
  • Standardised cuff fit most BP monitors, including the CAT + Doppler Blood Pressure Kit
  • Various cuff sizes available How do I choose the correct cuff size? Wrap the cuff around the patient's limb and make sure the index line falls within the range marker. If two different cuff sizes fit the patient, choose the larger size. How do I keep the cuff from slipping down the limb or coming off? Attach the cuff as tight as possible. Extra attention will be needed on species with dense or thick fur. If the cuff will not stay attached, check the Velcro for fur and remove if possible.

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