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Offensive Waste Sacks - 90 Litre

Product Code: K218

Pack Size: 250


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Product Description

Yellow with black stripe waste sacks for offensive waste.

Offensive waste includes all veterinary waste other than sharps that is not hazardous or clinical, but which is unpleasant and may cause offence to the senses

This waste must have been subjected to a detailed item and patient-specific assessment that clearly demonstrates it does not present a risk of infection or other potential hazard to any animal or person that may come into contact with it, even if mismanaged.

This is particularly important in the case of material contaminated with body fluids (for example, blood), where a veterinary surgeon must be able to demonstrate that they implemented procedures that meet the requirements set out in the accompanying web guidance (see

As a result of this assessment the veterinary surgeon is declaring that the waste is not hazardous, and is not clinical waste that requires incineration or other treatment prior to landfill.

Offensive waste may include items used in treatment (for example swabs, masks and gloves, which may include blood-contaminated items), animal bedding and animal faeces. These must not contain body parts or body tissues.

  • Printed according to UN specifications
  • Supplied on rolls
  • Dimensions:18 x 29 x 39"
  • 90 litre capacity
  • Pack of 250 (5 rolls of 50)

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