Anaesthesia Chamber

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Product Code: K400-4

Pack Size: 1

Product Description

Manufactured from strong and durable clear polycarbonate

Can be cleaned with most antiseptics

Safe and easy to use

Airtight to protect users from escaping anaesthetic gases

Designed for use in surgery with birds, cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits and reptiles

Removable dividers to accommodate various size animals minimise anaesthetic gas required

Strong integrated handle for easy transport

Ports strategically located in multiple positions per chamber space

Magnum 4 latch has a fully removable lid, all others have a hinged lid


  • Mini: 254x140x140mm
  • Small: 406x177x177mm
  • Large: 533x177x177mm
  • Magnum: 584x228x228mm
  • Magnum 4 latch: 584x228x228mm

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