Brymill CryoVet Cryosurgical System - Cryogun and Mini Cyrogun

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Product Code: K741-2

Pack Size: 1


Product Description
Hand held cryosurgical system for effective treatment of dermatological conditions Features:
  • Minimal secondary tissue damage
  • Little or no anaesthetic required
  • Convenient to operate jet spray release assembly, ensures accurate and controlled application
  • Stainless steel vacuum flask in a choice of 300 ml MINI CYROGUN or 500 ml CRYOGUN versions
  • Liquid nitrogen holding time: 12 hours max 300 ml, 20-24 hours 500 ml
  • 3 years parts and labour warranty. The CRYOGUN and MINI-CRYOGUN include 1 each of the following :
  • Aperture - A (0.04in.)
  • Aperture - B (0.031in.)
  • Aperture - C (0.022in.)
  • 18mm cryochamber - to apply larger amounts of liquid nitrogen with great precision
  • 1cm flat probe - to obtain a deeper, quicker freeze
  • Malleable extension which makes surgery convenient in any position Please Note: Other tips are available on request

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