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TM-24-M Bluetooth Capnograph Pulse Oximeter with Temperature

Product Code: P502-18

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Product Description

Simple, clear and easy to read capnography and pulse oximetry literally at your fingertips. The compact (hand-held) touch screen TM-24-M features fast and accurate mainstream capnography, pulse oximetry and temperature.

The TM-24-M is designed to overcome common device shortfalls; namely calibration, service costs, and water secretion/condensation build-up typical of side stream technologies. It is particularly effective for patients weighing less than 5kg. The mainstream CO2 analyser is factory calibrated and requires no integration procedures or associated expenses, simply plug in and measure.

All The Data You Need

The TM-24-M is a comprehensive monitor and displays EtCO2, FiCO2, SpO2, respiration rate, pulse rate, capnogram, plethysogram and patient temperature. 

Accurate and Reliable (Even For Patients Under 5KG)

This system sets new standards in CO2 mainstream monitoring and provides reliable, safe and easy CO2 monitoring by direct measurement, without time delay. The TM-24-M has a rapid warm up and response time, giving you more time with the patient.

Hand-Held, Ergonomic and Portable

The monitor can be operated as a hand-held device, or mounted to its recharging base. This gives you the flexibility to place it wherever suits you best. The TM-24-M has a 5-hour battery life away from the base charger and is designed with an ergonomic grip for improved comfort and maneuverability during longer operations.


The monitor is cost-effective over its lifetime - no regular maintenance or calibration is required.

Bluetooth and Internet Functionality

The TM-24-M has Bluetooth functionality enabling you to track patients remotely, as well as record and store patient data easily. The TM-24-M also supports report printing.

Standard Package Includes:

  • Mainstream Unit
  • CapnoSET™ CO2 Analyser
  • CapnoSET™ Airway Adapter (Adult/Paediatric)
  • Reusable SpO2 sensor
  • USB Data Cable
  • Power supply (EU and UK plug)
  • Silicone protective cover
  • PC software
  • Instruction manual on CD

Physical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 80 x 45 x 180 mm
  • Weight: <2kg (without accessories)
  • Power Supply: AC100 ~ 240V (± 10%) (50/60HZ) ± 3HZ, 60VA
  • Operating Temperature: 0℃ - 40℃

Product Features

  • Mainstream Capnography provides unbeatable accuracy for small patients (>10kg)
  • Multi-mode Display Interface, Information Trend Record
  • 5” High Resolution LCD Colour Touch screen
  • Dual Visual and Audible Alarm
  • Adjustable Screen Brightness, including ‘night mode’ and blue light filter for eye protection
  • Patient Information Record and Equipment Verification Function
  • Dedicated Base, Rechargeable
  • USB, Bluetooth, and Internet Connectivity
  • Ultra-light, compact and portable (see physical specifications for more info)
  • Equipped with 6000mA Lithium Battery (Up to 5 Hour Battery Life)

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