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Clinell Evaluclean UV Torch Kit

Product Code: C1412

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Product Description

Check your infection control cleaning protocols are being carried out effectively with this fluorescent marking kit.

Simply mark a piece of furniture/equipment or kennel for example, with the fluorescent marker and perform normal cleaning protocols. After the area has been cleaned you can now check the effectiveness of the process by using the ultra-strong 28-LED UV torch. If the mark is no longer visible, then you can rest assured the cleaning protocol is effective. If it remains then you will need to address the cleaning process and implement changes/training as necessary.

  • The fluorescent gel has been rigorously tested to ensure it remains wipeable from all non-porous clinical surfaces
  • Ultra-strong 28-LED UV torch provides excellent mark visibility so there is no ambiguity as to if the mark is there or not
  • Kit comprises of two fluorescent marker pens, fluorescent powder, and a powerful UV torch
  • The fluorescent powder is used to show how spores/bacteria can travel through an environment (generally seeded on hard surfaces, and then after a period of time look to see how far they travel)
  • The use of a fluorescent marker system in ICU resulted in 40% more surfaces being cleaned

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