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Milton Sterilising Fluid

Product Code: M192-LT5

Pack Size: 1


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Product Description
Can be used to sterilise or disinfect all non-metallic items Kills 99.9% of germs including bacteria, fungi and viruses includingE Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Lampulobacter, MRSA,Rotavirus and swine flu virus Bactericidal: in 15 min EN 1040, EN 1276 (including SAMR), EN 14561 and at 1.8% v/v EN 13697. Fungicidal: in 15 min EN 1275, EN 1650 and EN 14562 on Candida albicans. Virucidal: in 15 min NFT72-180. Effective on Coronavirus and Rotavirus. Directions for use surface and item disinfection: For 2.5l of water, add 45 ml (dilution at 1.8% V/V) of Milton Fluid. Wipe. Leave to dry. No need to rinse. Do not use with metal.

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