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BD Posiflush SP Syringe Saline Filled

Product Code: SY573-5

Pack Size: 30


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Product Description
A safe, cost-effective catheter patency solution, promoting best practice and reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Eliminates needles used to fill syringes with flush solutions
  • Eliminates glass vials and cartridges
  • Complies with all needle-free IV access systems
  • Reduces medical errors and complications by eliminating potential cross-contamination associated with multi-dose containers and decreasing breaks in aseptic technique during preparation
  • Specifically designed for flushing vascular access devices that are not in a sterile field not intended for use in a sterile field
  • Sterile contents and fluid pathways filled and sterilised prior to packaging using steam sterilisation providing a Steam Assurance Level of 10& sup-6& /sup
  • When the individual syringe package is opened, sterility of the syringe contents is maintained by a tip cap and plunger stopper, which create a sterile barrier
  • Do not resterilise
  • Latex-free the syringe stopper is made from a unique latex-free bromobutyl formulation reducing risk of reactions/complications
  • Saline is preservative-free so is suitable for all patients without risk of complications
  • Features a 10ml diameter for lower injection pressure, increased patient safety and are designed to comply with PICC manufacturer instructions
  • Minimises blood reflux that can be associated with flushing when using a standard syringe
  • Available in 3ml, 5ml and 10ml
  • Pack of 30

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