Opticlar VisionMax Flexi-10 Examination Light

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Product Code: M578-84

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Product Description
Opticlar VisionMax lighting has been designed for the medical professional and enables examinations, minor procedures andsurgical processes to be effectively performed. Opticlar LED providesoptimum lighting, is energy efficient and practical. TrueTone LED - provides excellent colour rendering and stays cool even after extended examinations. Hygienic - non-contact infrared sensor provides non-contact on/off switchingavoiding risk of contamination. Flexible shaft
  • High quality 125cm armoured coil allows easy adjusment to the ideal postion
  • Rotates 270 ° avoiding unnecessary stress on the lower joints Rechargeable option
  • Reduces trailing wires during consultations
  • Provides approx. 8 hours continuous use at highest brightness
  • Recharges in approx. 6 hours
  • Has dual-function power supply with both mains and rechargeable Lithium modes Two types of mobile base
  • Universal trolley - the light attaches via a sliding clamp so is height adjustable along the length of the pole. Other accessories such as glove box holder, hand cleaner dispenser etc can be attached to the pole. This has a larger base and the pole is longer.
  • Dedicated trolley - the light fits into the top of the pole and is not height adjustable nor can any other accessories be added to the pole. It hasa smaller base making it ideal for smaller surgeries, where space is limited Guarantees: Light: 5 year LED: 10 year Lithium battery: 10 year Specifications: 10W LED 57,500 lux at 30cm with a 3cm light spot. Brightness control on head 10% to 100% Focusing head: 3 to 15cm diameter at 30cm, 4 to 22cm diameter at 50cm. Maximum flexible arm reach 125cm.

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