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Extension Lines with Vadsite - Single Lumen

Product Code: M624

Pack Size: 1


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Product Description

IV extension tube in flexible, transparent polyurethane tubing with Vadsite and flat clamp.

Octopus with Vadsite is a multi-purpose catheter accessory, a single-lumen or multi-lumen IV extension tube with needleless connector(s), enabling intermittent injections or continuous infusions of fluids or medications and blood sampling depending on device variant.

  • Can be connected to all intravenous devices comprising a female luer lock hub (catheters, stopcocks, extension tubes, Huber needles used with implantable ports etc.).
  • A needle-free access device which prevents needlestick injuries, the risk of air embolism or blood loss.
  • Device automatically closes when the infusion line or syringe has been disconnected
  • Can connect all intravenous devices comprising a male luer or male luer lock end (syringes, infusion sets etc.)
  • Resistant to lipids and most disinfecting agents used in hospitals
  • Approved for use with power injectors
  • Latex-free and DEHP-free
  • Available with single or double lumens
  • Sold individually

Advantages of using Needle-free valves:

  • Reduced catheter site infections
  • Closed system minimizes risk of infection
  • Eliminates the risk of needle-stick injury
  • Allows easy repeated IV connection and disconnection

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