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Opticlar LED Vet Laryngoscope Blades - Macintosh Flexi Tip

Product Code: P750-3

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Product Description
The Macintosh has a curved blade and is designed to slide into the vallecula (i.e.the groove between the base of the tongue and the epiglottis) to move the epiglottis. Because of brachycephalic breeds' short muzzles, the Macintosh blade can help better visualize the laryngeal folds that often are hidden behind the elongated soft palate. The unique tilting tip can further help to manipulate the elongated soft palate.

Product Features

  • Specifically designed to help intubation of brachycephalic dogs with airway obstructions
  • Wide range of sizes from size 2 to size 5
  • Fibre optic light transmission prevents heat build-up at blade end
  • Stainless steel construction, easy to clean and fully autoclavable
  • Curved shape with flexible tips helps move and hold airway obstructions out of the way for easier tube placement
  • Reliable and durable with 10 year product warranty
  • Compatible with ISO 7376 Green laryngoscope specification

Blade sizes:

Size 2: 100x17mm

Size 3: 130x18mm

Size 4: 160x18mm

Size 5: 176x18mm

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