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Cutimed® Sorbact® Dressing Pads

Product Code: M437-9


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Product Description
Cutimed® Sorbact® Dressing Pads are absorbent dressing pads covered with a Sorbact® technology coated acetate swab.
  • For wounds with low to moderate exudate levels
  • Ideal for reducing wound bioburden, regardless of the wound aetiology
  • In a moist wound environment, the hydrophobic properties of Sorbact technology irreversibly binds harmful microbes to the dressing so they are unable to move back to the wound bed
  • This helps to prevent colonisation by reducing the wound bioburden
  • Naturally safe and effective - fights bacteria and fungi without releasing chemically active substances that might impair the healing process or cause allergic reactions (uses physical modes rather than chemical modes)
  • Can be used to treat wounds prophylactically or if they are at risk of critical contamination
  • Pack of 5


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