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What Is 30 Under Thirty?

Vet Show 30 Under Thirty (VS30) is the only dedicated initiative recognising talent (under 30) in the veterinary industry. Founded by Pioneer Veterinary Products (that’s us), and the London Vet Show, we’re on the hunt to find pioneers when it comes to the veterinary industry. VS30 is all about supporting extraordinary individuals in their careers, giving them access to unique benefits and thought leadership, as well as giving them a platform for industry acknowledgement.

Since VS30's Launch in 2022, we've seen a fantastic cohort of incredible individuals who are already making a big impact in the veterinary industry. We've been following these inspirational leaders in their careers, as well as working with them to support their efforts and bring new products and services to market that further drive the industry forward. 

Hear From Molly Fiander
Member of the 2022 VS30 Cohort

"Being a part of the first ever 30 Under Thirty cohort has been an absolute blast! I've had a great time, met incredible people, forged valuable connections, and had the privilege of collaborating with Pioneer Veterinary Products who have shown unwavering support for my new venture; Management For Locums."

"It's funny how things work out sometimes—I was nominated last year by someone, and I'm truly grateful for that recognition. But I didn't know and I didn't want to leave it to chance, so I took matters into my own hands and nominated myself. And you know what? I encourage everyone to do the same—to back themselves and believe in the passion they possess and the impact they're making. Let's celebrate our own success and make waves in the industry we love!"

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Why Be a Part of VS30?

Not only will you be recognised for your talent and receive a plaque, but you will also be added to the official VS30 alumni book - Join the ranks of only the best in the veterinary sphere. In addition to being recognised with an official ceremony at London Vet Show 2023, you will get free entry to the whole event as well as 2x guest passes, for you to bring your colleagues, family or friends to share your special moment with. London Vet Show is also supporting all alumni with exclusive discounts and benefits for global vet show events. While at the event, you will have exclusive access to VS30 alumni networking, and be a part of the official vet show advisory committee. The 30 selected have a unique opportunity to share knowledge and support each other by being in this cohort. Contribute to opinion pieces in the vet show newsletter and Join Pioneer’s Innovation Community Focus Groups where you can be involved in discussions around product innovation, sustainability, training and education.

The Benefits:

  • Attend London Vet Show (LVS), plus get 2x guest passes for the event and the dedicated VS30 ceremony
  • Get exclusive access to the VS30 alumni networking event 
  • Join Pioneer’s Product Innovation focus group
  • Be a part of the official Vet Show advisory committee
  • Contribute opinion prices to the Vet Show newsletter
  • Get exclusive discounts and benefits to global Vet Show events
  • Receive a dedicated plaque
  • Feature in the official VS30 alumni book

Who Is Eligible?

Anyone working in the veterinary industry is encouraged to participate. This includes practice vets, vet nurses and administration staff, as well as those working within wider animal health including academia, public health, charities, and pharma workers. All veterinary professionals ages 29 and under (or who are turning 30 in 2023) are encouraged to enter for the chance to participate. Individuals can nominate themselves, or be nominated by a colleague, peer or friend.

“We’ve witnessed what can happen when young professionals are empowered at live events. Elevating the next generation leaders is a real passion of the Vet Show team.” Charlotte Ellicott, Head of Marketing, The Vet Show

Key Dates:

  • Friday 30th June (9:00am) – Submission Open
  • Monday 28th August (6:00pm) – Submissions Close
  • Wednesday 20th September (9:00am) – Class of 2023 Announced
  • Thursday 16th November 2022 – VS30 Induction Ceremony
  • Friday 17th November 2022 – VS30 Networking

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“The future of our industry lies with the vets of tomorrow and we are so excited to be a founding member of The Vet Show 30 Under Thirty programme. It’s a fantastic accolade and we would encourage you to nominate your peers and celebrate the young professionals in our industry that are already making a positive impact.” Clive Groombridge, Managing Director, Pioneer Veterinary Products