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Spherasorb Sodalime

Product Code: K260-1

Pack Size: 1


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Product Description
A unique medical grade soda lime designed specifically for clinical use. Spherasorb's chemical formulation has been developed specifically to address the potential problems of use within the medical environment. Medical grade soda lime for use with anaesthetic machines. Only 1.5% Sodium Hydroxide. Zeolite to reduce the risk of drying out. Spherasorb is made of 3-4mm spheres processed to minimise potential dusting. Granules change colour as waste gases are absorbed:
  • 1kg pack changes from white to violet
  • 5kg pack changes from pink to white

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Excellent Quality
Meril sutures are excellent quality, and we would happily switch from our go to brand which is Ethicon! The packaging is like for like which makes switching simple. You don’t have to worry about different codes or pack colours. The sutures have reduced memory when you remove them from their packaging, so we’re delighted with this as it makes handling easier. Meril sutures are the way forward and one that we’ll be stocking from now on.
Very Impressed
We trialled some Meril suture materials for a two week period and were very impressed overall. The Filapron (monocryl equivalent) and Mitsu (vicryl equivalent) both handle well and provide good knot security. The needles cut easily through tissue and are impressively resilient when bent, allowing re-bending to their original shape without snapping. I now happily use them on a regular basis.