Thermocouple Temperature USB Data Logger

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Product Code: K498

Pack Size: 1

Approx 5 Working Days
Product Description
This standalone data logger measures over 32,000 readings from inter-changeable J, K or T type thermocouples.
  • Supplied with a K Type probe, its measurement range out of the box is from 0 to 200 °C (-32 to 392 °F)
  • Easily set up the logger and view downloaded data by plugging the unit into a PC's USB port and using the free EasyLog software provided. Data can then be graphed, printed and exported to other applications for detailed analysis
  • User can set up the thermocouple type, logging rate, start time, logging mode and download the stored data by plugging the module into a USB port and running the purpose designed software
  • Supplied with ½ AA battery, K-type probe and wall mount clip
  • Battery lasts approx. 2 years

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