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Product Code: P450

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Product Description
A cost effective alternative to liquid nitrogen Dermafreeze is a portable cryosurgical unit conveniently packed for easy use and storage. It comes with accessory delivery systems which allows the user to treat skin lesions of any size. Dermafreeze is the only product that offers you a delivery system which allows controlled delivery of an aerosol based cryogen in its liquid state, which freezes to -50c. The Cryofunnel offers a uniquely efficient way of challenging these problems as it is made from non thermoconductive polyethylene material and has various sized (5mm, 10mm and 15mm) apertures to efficiently channel and control the delivery of the cryogen to the site of treatment. This means that the only source of thermal energy is the area of skin being treated, hence maximising the 'freeze potential' of the cryogen. Furthermore the lesion can be easily visualised during treatment. Includes: Dermafreeze aerosol can, 30 x Cryofunnels, 20 x 2mm tips 20 x 4mm tips

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